About Us

AmphX.com is a new store of nootropic drugs and supplements. We are based in Russia and ship our products from there.

We offer genuine, pharmaceutical grade nootropics to all people around the world at the lowest prices possible and because of this we only accept BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. We think that people should not overpay for the medicine simply because they are in other countries. We value each and every order however small it is and have therefore no minimum order threshold. You can buy just one Picamilon for 4.20 USD and we will ship it to you.   

You can see our launch post and some other feedback on our store on Reddit. We have been operating since May 2017 and have processed more than 100 orders from the beginning. We are looking forward to having a loyal customer base.

Please note that we do our best to fill customs declaration properly, pack your order in a safe manner and ship only to countries that allow import of non-scheduled pharmaceuticals. However, in some cases the circumstances are against us and packages get stuck or lost on its way or the customs may for unknown reasons seize it. It is very rare as we only ship to safe destinations but when it is the case we are willing to split the costs of the reshipment with our customers and ship a replacement for 50% of the original price. We cannot ship for free or take all responsibility for the work of postal operators or customs in your country because we operate with very small margins unlike most vendors powder capsulated nootropics and cannot allow ourselves to sustain loses on orders. 

But if you return your products to us we will make a full refund to you in BTC excluding the cost of shipping; this, however, is not applicable to products such as Selank, Semax or Visomitin, as they are perishable products and will be disposed off.

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, do not hesitate to use a contact form below.