Metaprot (Bemitil)

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Metaprot (aka Bemitil)


Metaprot (Bemitil, 2-ethylthiobenzimidazole hydrobromide) is a synthetic adaptogen and actoprotector with nootropic, antihypoxic, antioxidant and immunostimulant properties, used to increase mental and physical performance under stressful conditions. “Metaprot” is an abbreviation of “Metabolic protector”.

One of the most important properties of Bemitil, as well as the others actoprotectors, is their ability to enhance the effects of nootropic drugs (including Piracetam), psychostimulant and adaptogens. It also can reduce side effects of antibiotics, immunosuppressants, and tranquilizers.

The drug was developed at the S.M Kirov Military-Medical Academy (Soviet Union) in the 1970s for application in military medicine. Metaprot successfully used during:

  • Afghanistan war, to increase soldier’s performance over long marches, and improve resistance to hypoxia and hot weather which was important for Afghan climate.
  • 1980 Olympic games in Moscow, to prepare the athletes of the national team.
  • Chernobyl catastrophe, earthquakes in Armenia, railway accidents in Bashkiria to enhance the mental and physical performance of the rescue workers.

After 1980, Bemitil began to be used widely in all areas of clinical medicine and sport. Now it is manufactured and sold under following brand names: AntiHot (Biofoodpharm, Ukraine), Metaprot (AnviLab, Russia), Bemitil (Belmedpreparaty, Belarus) and Bemiton (Institute of physical organic chemistry of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus)

Metaprot usage and indications

Here is what Bemitil used for:

  • Enhancing the working performance and speeding up the recovery process, especially under extreme conditions (intense physical activity, hypoxia and heat exhaustion).
  • Correction of asthenic conditions (asthenia is similar to chronic fatigue) of various origins, caused by neurasthenia, somatic diseases, intoxications and surgical interventions.
  • As a part of the complex treatment of traumatic brain injuries, cognitive disorders, meningitis, encephalitis and cerebrovascular disorders.
  • Correction of muscular performance of athletes.
  • Prevention of fatigue during prolonged physical activity.

It can be used by healthy adults exposed to stressful conditions. It’s just what this drug designed for. An important thing to note here, that a healthy person that don’t experience any stress or heavy physical loads, likely won’t get a huge effect. The higher stress that you experience, the higher performance increase you will get.

Mechanism of action

structure of metaprot

Benzimidazole actoprotectors, including Bemitil, is similar to purine bases (adenine and guanine) in its structure. Such chemical structure explains the ability of Metaprot to increase the expression of RNA and proteins. The most active stimulation of protein synthesis was found in the skeletal muscle, brain cells, liver, kidney and small intestine. Administration of Dactinomycin (protein synthesis inhibitor) diminishes the protective effect under both normal and hypoxic conditions.

As a result, the processes of physiological and reparative regeneration and adaptation to the new conditions accelerate. Metaprot improves ATP formation and resynthesis of glucose from lactate and pyruvate, which reducing acidosis, lactacidemia, oxygen debt and lead to fast normalization of performance. Bemitil optimizes hormonal regulation of metabolism and oxygen consumption. It also has antihypoxic and immunostimulant activity, which is manifested in the increase of nonspecific resistance of the organism to various infections.

Possible side effects according to the official instruction:

  • Irritability.
  • Anxiety.
  • Headaches.
  • Sleep disturbances.
  • Nausea.
  • Flushed face.

Most frequent side effect is a burning sensation in the nose, mouth, and stomach.

The dosage suggested by the manufacturer is 250mg twice daily. Individuals with body mass above 180lbs may take 500mg twice daily. For performance increase in extreme conditions, take 500-750mg before work. If necessary, you can take 250mg more after 6-8 hours. Maximum daily dosage should not exceed 1500mg in the first day and 1000mg for others.

To maintain high performance long-term, you can take it for a couple of weeks by 5-days courses with two days off (with the daily dosage of 500mg).

A high-carb diet is suggested while taking Metaprot. To avoid sleep disturbances, do not take it after 6 PM.