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Semax is a synthetic peptide with nootropic action. The drug affects learning, memory, and attention in a positive way and has pronounced neuroprotective and neurotrophic properties.

Semax is an analog of the adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). Studies dated back to the 1960’s suggested that ACTH may improve memory and learning. The problem was that ACTH itself is unstable and has a short half-life, thus it could not be used as a medication. The search of long-acting ACTH derivatives resulted in the discovery of Semax.

It is used both in healthy and diseased individuals.

Indications for use are:

  • Decreased memory and attention
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Mental fatigue
  • Optic nerve atrophy
  • Optic neuropathy
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Minor developmental disabilities in children

The indication for use of 1% Semax nasal spray is the acute ischemic stroke.

Dosage and administration

The dosage for memory/cognitive functions enhancement is three drops in each nostril twice daily for 10 days. It is recommended to repeat the course twice annually.

The dosage for traumatic brain injuries is three drops in each nostril three times a day for 16 days; it is recommended to repeat the course in six months.

The dosage for developmental disabilities in children, including ADHD is two drops in each nostril three times a day for 20 days; it is recommended to repeat the course 2-4 times annually.

Side effects

  • Nasal irritation during long-term administration


  • Hypersensitivity
  • Acute psychotic conditions accompanied by anxiety
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Endocrine system diseases

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    Posted by Lyle on 22nd Sep 2018

    I think it may actually help forms of brain damage that are similar to what is caused by a stroke. I plan to try it again.